ISPS: New Name but Old Wine in a New Bottle? What is the Future for ISPS-US within the ISPS International?

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Length: 1 hour

Town Hall Meeting with Brian Martindale, MD, FRCPsych, M Inst Psa., Chair of ISPS International

As Chair of ISPS I present an international perspective on ISPS.  My aim is to inform US colleagues of the wider work of the organisation, the changes that it has undergone in the last two decades (including the name change) and suggest where we might be able to get to in the next two decades by working together.  I emphasise some of our organisation’s strengths and some of our limitations. 

The creation of local networks has been crucial to the transformation of ISPS, and the US networks are excellent examples of that transformation from the ISPS of the 1990s.

I make some challenging comments about the current needs of networks to make better or clearer developmental plans and I will give plenty of time for participants to comment and make suggestions.

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