One’s Trilogy: Dancing in the Spaces Between Self and Other

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Length: 45 minutes

Sarah St. Onge, MA, MMEd, Nathan Trice, Discussant: Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP

This work is part of a therapeutic inquiry into the relationship of a son and his mother who struggled with childhood abuse, paranoid schizophrenia, homelessness, therapy, and relapse.  We are a therapist-in-training and dancer/choreographer who spent the past year discussing and reflecting on the dancer’s (the son’s) journey to understand himself, his mother, and their relationship.  The dance is an interpretive theatrical work based on the narratives that emerged from the therapeutic sessions.  Nathan Trice, dancer/choreographer, is the founder and artistic director of nathantrice/RITUALS, a project-by-project dance theater company in New York City.   Sarah St. Onge is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Adelphi University, where she is supervised in this undertaking by Michael O’Loughlin, Ph.D., a professor at Adelphi.  In the dance, Nathan plays both his mother and himself.  Three other dancers portray the therapist and mother at various points in her life.  The work, entitled “One’s Trilogy,” explores the sociohistorical and psychodynamic underpinnings of self and other.  Following a viewing of the dance performance, the therapist and choreographer engage in a dialogue that elucidates their process and the process of creating the piece.  Marilyn Charles, Ph.D., staff psychologist at Austen Riggs Center, serves as discussant.

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