Survival: Ruptured Relationships And Psychosis – A Narrative, With Commentary

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Length: 47 minutes

Ronald Abramson, MD; Ghislaine Bourdon

This is a narrative presentation of the experiences leading to psychosis of Ghislaine Bourdon.  As discovered in psychotherapy these experiences involved the destructive impact of the rupture of her significant relationships.  

Survival (GB)
The current chapter of the Ms. Bourdon’s life started when the bond with her husband was torn apart.  She was forced to leave the household and her two daughters to stop the chain of domestic violence.  With her identity, self-esteem, and confidence shattered, she had lost every part of herself.  Dr. Abramson offered his help and although she distrusted him, she needed him to survive.  Slashing her arms and pounding her face beyond recognition caused over seventy hospitalizations.  Due to her unbearable existence, she unintentionally created a world of her own which now separates her from “your” world.  She has lived in this blissful and inconceivable world for years, which protects her from pain and fear.  People are extremely distrusted, lethal, and avoided.  Her heaven splits her from the community which she is often forced to deal with, but her retreat is crucial to her survival.  Is she psychotic and/or delusional?  Bothered with loneliness, she’s faced with the dilemma of forming friendships which she cannot allow to penetrate into her world.

Commentary (RA)
When Dr. Abramson met Ghislaine in 1988, she beat her face, cut her arms, made repeated suicide attempts, and lived in her delusional world because she couldn’t stand what she called, “Your World!”  Only over time did he learn about how her significant relationships had been destructively and traumatically shattered.

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