Connecting to Others with the 3 C’s

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Length: 24 minutes

Melinda Randall, MD and Lara Aillon-Sohl, MD

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been demonstrated to be effective for people with psychosis.  While some of this effectiveness is due to direct cognitive and behavioral techniques on delusions and hallucinations, much of the focus of this psychological technique is on non-psychotic relationships.  Cognitive behavioral therapy has improved quality of life for people with psychosis and reduced depression and anxiety.  In the United States, there has been important work on how to best implement CBT for psychosis.  This workshop focuses on how cognitive behavioral therapy is adapted for the unique presentations and problems of psychosis as well as the practical concerns of the settings and circumstances of treatment of psychosis.  Specifically, the 3 C’s are presented as an adaptation of CBT to address the interpersonal, cognitive, negative and positive symptoms of psychotic illness.  The 3C’s is a mnemonic for “Catch It!  Check It! Change It!”, “It” referring to emotions and automatic thoughts.  To stimulate discussion, cases are presented of people with psychotic disorders who utilized the 3 C’s.  Discussion focuses on how CBT for psychosis can help people normalize their connections with natural supports.  The clinical scenarios inspire ideas and questions leading to engaging discussions during this workshop.

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