The invention of the psychodynamic psychotherapy of psychosis in between Europe and the USA (Gaudillière)

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Length: 30 minutes


Françoise Davoine, PhD & Jean-Max Gaudillière, PhD

*This is Jean-Max Gaudillière's part of the presentation.*

Through clinical vignettes evoking the resonant teaching of Frieda Fromm-Reichman, H.S.Sullivan and Lacan, we will show family resemblances with our practice regarding the psychotic transference. More specifically, Frieda's journey through History build a way to deal with madness out of our common background of wars and totalitarianism in Europe.

We want to actualize, as a major stake for today in our work with psychosis and trauma, the fecund meeting between creative and bold researchers and practitioners, who have escaped from major upheavals.

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