Healing Through The Arts: Preverbal Trauma and the Healing Process

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Length: 30 minutes


Dorothy D. Scotten, PhD, LICSW

This presentation is a celebration of how the arts present a bridge to hope, recovery and integration as we explore the healing process of one survivor of early trauma through her multimodal use of the arts. This exploration will entail an emphasis on the importance of how the arts strengthen the connection to one’s own spiritual life and self-integration in the recovery process. Participants will be offered practical suggestions that will support their creative impulses and natural inclinations towards self-healing.

Specifically, the presenter will offer a Powerpoint slide presentation describing her own  recovery process using the  arts as a healing agent. This included body work, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry and movement. Original works of art, poetry, photos, writing,etc. will be shown to illustrate how this was done and how this process can be used and applied to everyday living, social and work situations.

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