Egostructuring Method Created by Villemoes for Treatment of Persons Afflicted by Schizophrenia

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Length: 50 minutes

Wilfried Ver Eecke, PhD, Eva Lingstrom Erikkson, MD, Christina Norman Villemoes, PsyD

According to Lacan the psychotic person isn´t linguistically structured. (S)He has not reached the Oedipal dimension, and hence lacks a metaphorical dimension. The strategy of ego-structuring psychotherapy uses narcissism to introduce a temporal dimension in the structure of the ego.

The psychotics are not able to be dialogue partners. Personal pronouns are not handled normally. Past and future are not firmly located. 

In the working phase the history of the psychotic person will be written. The patient has the facts, and is asked to present them in as much detail as possible. The therapist has the Oedipal logic and must help the patient write his (her) history piece by piece, as a puzzle, until it becomes a narrative, where the patient is the main character. 

The working-alliance is called the "best-pal" -relationship. Best-pals have a relation only because of a common interest.  They also identify with each other and think in the same way. In ego-structuring psychotherapy the common interest will be the history of the psychotic patient.  The Oedipal thinking and comments from the therapist, given in a non-polarizing manner, will give the pieces from the psychotic´s history a meaning and will also give a temporal structure to the ego.

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