Doing the Work: A Practical Guide for Students and Early Career Professionals

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Length: 43 minutes

Jessica Arenella, PhD, Heather-Ayn Indelicato, PsyD, Ross Tappen, MA

Internship is over, you have to pay your student loans, and everyone thinks you’re crazy for listening to patients talk about hearing voices. Perhaps you have been inspired by the epic tales of recovery from Chestnut Lodge or the innovative rehabilitation models in Europe, but your current work / internship situation seems light years away. This panel of a recent psychology graduate and two ten-year veterans will address these issues and provide an insight into current institutional and private practice work with patients diagnosed with psychosis. Mr. Tappen will detail his work creating and maintaining therapeutic integrity in a state psychiatric hospital, including running trauma services and cognitive skills groups, as well as his involvement with internship and group training.  Dr. Arenella will recount her early tumultuous encounters with institutional work and the establishment of a full-time private practice with patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She will address how to obtain referrals and navigate the Byzantine world of health insurance and social services. Mr. Tappen and Dr. Arenella will also discuss strategies to cope with stigma and to weather clinical and ethical crises on the job. Dr. Indelicato, a very recent graduate of Nova Southeastern University, will reflect on her struggles to translate her desire to provide treatment for individuals enduring severe psychiatric disabilities and the challenging realities that emerge when configuring these concerns into a viable career. She will discuss the importance of connecting to a larger community and pose questions to the other presenters.

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