A Contemporary Overview of Evidence-Based Psychosocial Therapies in Psychotic Disorders (Schizophrenias and Bipolar Disorder)

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Length: 1 hour

Presidential Address: Brian Koehler, PhD

A contemporary overview of psychological and psychosocial therapies for psychotic disorders, including the schizophrenias and bipolar disorder, is presented. Both experimental (randomized controlled trials) and qualitative, quasi-experimental evidence are discussed. This review also includes descriptions of such emerging psychosocial therapies as family focused therapy and interpersonal social rhythm therapy for bipolar disorder, compassion mind training, Open Dialogue, and acceptance and commitment therapy for the schizophrenias, and CBTp for both clinical disorders. Quasi-experimental evidence for psychodynamic therapies are also covered. In addition, there is a brief neuroimaging review of the effects of various kinds of psychotherapies on the brain, with implications for psychotic disorders.

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