The First ISPS-US Family Plenary Panel

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Length: 58 minutes

Pat Wright, MEd, Georgia Case, Joan Fiset, MA, Judy E. Murray, RN & Cindy Peterson-Dana, LMHC

We want to acknowledge the nearly impossible task of learning how to support our "loved ones" while taking care of ourselves in the most "family-centered" way recognizing that we are truly pioneers in this vision. We all know that historically families--especially parents--have been blamed for behaviors thought to be outside the boundaries of what the society deemed "normal" dictated by the time and place people lived in. The field of epigenetics in particular has been proving how certain genes are expressed depending on the "triggers" in the environment. At last the paradigm is changing and it's time to explore new ways of communicating as a team where equal respect is shared among: providers, family members and our "loved ones". We are inviting the audience to expand their awareness through understanding the complexities (as well as loneliness and isolation) within family roles when someone experiences extreme states, realizing that each family (and member) is unique.

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