Making Sense of Family Tragedies Across the Generations: A Guide to Understanding the Role of Intergenerational Trauma on Your Family

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Length: 43 minutes

Françoise Davoine, PhD

In this presentation, renowned Lacanian analyst, Francoise Davoine, shares her understanding about how family traumas–from personal tragedies such as the loss of a child to social phenomena me a such as racism and war time, and the psychological stress of living in such a fast-paced world–can impact vulnerable family members for generations. In her decades of clinical work with people diagnosed with psychosis, Dr. Davoine has unpacked the family secrets and tragedies that can manifest in symbolic form in the seemingly psychotic symptoms of a family member. Psychoanalytic notions of symbolism and reality are plainly explained for the layperson, so that family members can have a new framework for trying to understand some of the more vexing aspects of their loved one's obtuse thoughts and behaviors.

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