Unpacking Early Intervention in Psychosis

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Length: 1 hour

Nev Jones, MA

Over the past decade, early intervention in psychosis (EIP) has rapidly become one of the sexiest new areas of clinical specialization, service development, and intervention research (Edwards & McGorry, 2002; Bertole & McGorry, 2005; Birchwood et al., 2000).  In this presentation, Nev Jones describes major themes from an ongoing mixed-methods user-led longitudinal study examining clients’ and clinicians’ perspectives on engagement, the therapeutic alliance, and the role of heterogeneous cultural/clinical explanatory models in the context of early psychosis.  In keeping with the 2013 ISPS-US conference theme, the presentation specifically explores varying attitudes toward diagnosis, psychiatric labels, and medication use, the relationship between these attitudes and engagement with different aspects of the EIP program, and impacts on clients’ perception of their own agency with respect to their symptoms/experiences (cf Larsen, 2004, 2007a,b).

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