Perspectives on the Hearing Voices Network Movement from 5 Facilitators of Hearing Voices Groups

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Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Berta Britz, MSW, ACSW, CPS, Oryx Cohen, MPA, Lisa Forestell, Nev Jones, MA, Melissa McLean

Members of the panel speak about the history and values of the Hearing Voices Movement (HVM) and its impact on their voices and extreme states work in the USA.  Panelists from different regions of the country discuss the progress, process, and challenges encountered in bringing a hearing voices network approach to their communities.  They discuss how professionals/allies can be best involved in the work of networks and groups and different strategies for collaboration, partnership and community outreach.  The panelists hope to promote substantive dialogue between voice hearers, peers, clinicians and other session attendees about the future of the HVM in the US.

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