Waiting for Tonto: Making the Best of What We Have

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Length: 1 hour

Joanne Greenberg, DHL

Two currently prevalent beliefs have been circulating within the mental health community for a while now, which have increasingly concerned me.  One belief is a fundamentally messianic one:  That if we can only hold out long enough, our health care system will see the light in such a way that we will finally have the resources we need to provide real treatment.  The other is fundamentally paranoid:  That social orders are purposely, on some broad or organized scale, standing in the way of efforts to provide mental health services where they are needed.  Alternatively, I plan to orient my talk along a more positive path, by offering a discussion of the ways in which we might at present make the most of the resources we currently have.  I will highlight peer counseling models, the potential for volunteerism that makes a difference in the mental health field, and groups such as the Hearing Voices Network as potential resources that can move our community from a state of helpless waiting to a more active growing force for health.

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