Hearing Voices: What’s the Problem?

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Length: 1 hour

Ron Coleman. Victoria Conn Memorial Lecture

In this presentation I explore whether the voices that people hear are actually the problem. The research of Romme and Escher concluded that the vast majority of people who were diagnosed with a range of mental health problems clearly rooted their voice hearing experience in what had happened in their lives. Given that that this research has now been replicated with similar outcomes the challenge for us it answer not only what is the problem, but what can we do about it?  The main focus of the session is to give participants a taste of the types of work that can be used with voice hearers that creates the opportunity for voice hearers to move on in their lives. Drawing on my own experience as a voice hearer and the work I have done with other voices hearers I show how the process of working with voice hearers can be developed.

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